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    Deploying an Application Package on a Device Running Junos OS

    To deploy a JET application on a device running Junos OS:

    1. Copy the application-name.tar.gz file to the device running Junos OS, for example:
      % scp application-name.tar.gz device-hostname:/var/tmp

      You can use other copy commands or FTP for this step as well.

    2. Deploy the package.
      user@host> request system software add application-name.tar.gz

      The package validates the certificate with the configured provider ID. The provider ID is a uniquely identifying prefix that represents the name of the developer’s organization. If the provider ID matches that on the package, the package is installed.

    3. Verify the version of your application.
      user@host# show version
          JET echoserver example Application [16.1I20150115_1409_root]

    The following is an example deployment of the application echoclient:

    user@host> request system software add echoclient-16.1.R1.1.tgz
        NOTICE: Validating configuration against echoclient-16.1.R1.1.tgz.
        NOTICE: Use the 'no-validate' option to skip this if desired.
        Installing package '/var/home/regress/echoclient-16.1.R1.1.tgz' ...
        Verified echoclient-16.1.R1.1 signed by juniperftsdksystest-testing-private-1
        Please check system extensions, deployment-scope configuration for correctness
        Mounted echoclient package on /dev/md17...
        Saving package file in /var/sw/pkg/echoclient-16.1.R1.1.tgz ...
        Saving state for rollback ...
        The app is installed:

    Modified: 2016-11-19