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    Debugging JET Applications on a Device Running Junos OS

    For debugging applications on a device running Junos OS, you can configure the trace file and trace option with the system extension-service statement.

    For non-daemonized applications that run on the router, you can invoke the debugger at the same time that you install the application.

    To load your application along with the debugger:

    1. Use the request extension-service start invoke-debugger cli command.
      user@device> request extension-service start invoke-debugger cli
      Extension-service application '' started with pid: 71246
    2. Enter help to display a list of the supported commands.
      (Pdb) help
      Documented commands (type help <topic>):
      EOF    bt         cont      enable  jump  pp       run      unt   
      a      c          continue  exit    l     q        s        until 
      alias  cl         d         h       list  quit     step     up    
      args   clear      debug     help    n     r        tbreak   w     
      b      commands   disable   ignore  next  restart  u        whatis
      break  condition  down      j       p     return   unalias  where 
      Miscellaneous help topics:
      exec  pdb
      Undocumented commands:
      retval  rv

    Modified: 2016-06-08