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    Overview of Developing a JET Application Using Python

    You can use Python to develop an application in either of the following circumstances:

    • If the application has no dependency on C or C++ modules
    • If the application is not required to be signed

    The Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET) Python client package provides easy-to-use Python classes and methods that implement the JET APIs and simplifies the process of using the Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol to receive JET notifications. We recommend that you use the Python client package for Python application development, but it is not mandatory. You can still directly interact with the interface definition language (IDL) APIs and use any MQTT library to develop a JET application using Python.

    Figure 1 shows the workflow for using JET to develop Python applications. Table 1 links each part of the workflow in Figure 1 to a topic in this chapter.

    Figure 1: Developing a JET Application Using Python

    Developing a JET Application
Using Python

    Modified: 2016-06-08