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Modifying Entries in a Router Profile


1. To modify an entry in the router profile, double-click on its row in the Router Profiles window. Alternatively, select the entry in the table, and click the Modify button.

2. To modify multiple entries at once, highlight multiple rows in the table by clicking on the <CTRL> and <SHIFT> keys while holding down the mouse. (Use to select disjoint entries, and <SHIFT> to select contiguous entries.) Then, click the Modify button.

3. Edit just those fields that are to be modified for all selected entries. Note that a blank field, or a field with dashes ‘---’ indicates that no change will be made to those parameters. Click OK.

4. To move entries from one router profile to another router profile, right-click the entry in the first router profile and select Cut from the first router profile. Then select the second router profile and right-click over any entry and select Paste.