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Scheduling Configuration Checking in Task Manager

  • Conformance checking and integrity checking can be automatically performed at a designated time interval, using the Configuration Check Report task of the Task Manager. Go to Admin > Task Manager. In the Task Manager, press the “New Task” button. Select the Configuration Check Report task, enter a name for the task, and then press “Next”.

  • Select the “Report Options” tab and specify how the report will be saved.

  • Select the “Configuration Comparison” tab and select the “Compare config files” checkbox. In the Revision Manager, the set of config files are linked to a particular specification file, so this Spec file name must be used to reference the set of config files against which comparisons will be made. See Setting Up the Revision Manager on page 442 for more information on how to set up the configuration revision repository.

    Alternatively, if you are using the online module, select “Use live network.”

    Figure 1: Sources for Config File Comparison
    Sources for Config File Comparison
  • Next, decide whether or not differences should be automatically checked in the Revision Manager.

  • Click “Next.” Specify the schedule parameters on the next page, such as the time interval at which to perform the task.

  • Finally, click “Finish” to submit the task.

Network File Revision

Revision Manager supports revision tracking of network files for the Live Network. This is accessed by clicking Actions > Network File Revision. It tracks bblink.x, intfmap.x, nodeparam.x, pathtable.x, and tunnel.x files.

  • bblink file is a list of the links in the Live Network.

  • intfmap file is a list of the interfaces in the Live Network.

  • nodeparam file is a list of the nodes in the Live Network.

  • pathtable file is a list of paths and the corresponding route in the Live Network.

  • tunnel file is a list of the tunnels in the Live Network.