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Acknowledging and Clearing Events


Acknowledging and clearing events are used to track events that require attention. An event is acknowledged when you notice the event, but have not yet taken action in response to the event. Once you have rectified the event and taken any other actions required by the event, you usually clear the event.

Note that events of all severity types except INFO can be marked as acknowledged. To toggle the display of info events, click the “Toggle INFO events” icon on the top toolbar. To clear all INFO events from the Live View, click the “Clear all INFO events icon in the top toolbar. Cleared events can still be queried in Historical View, explained in Live View vs. Historical View.

To acknowledge or clear an event, right click on the event and select Acknowledge Events or Clear Events.Once an event is acknowledged, it can be unacknowledged by selecting “Unacknowledge Events.”

Multiple events can be acknowledged or cleared simultaneously by selecting the desired events and right clicking on the selection.

Once cleared, an event is no longer visible in the normal Event Browser window. Cleared events can only be queried through Historical View, explained below in Live View vs. Historical View.