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Software Release Upgrade and Downgrade

  1. Before starting an upgrade, you should first add a software release version into the software repository. Underneath the Software Release folder, select the item “Software Repository.”

  2. Next, click“Add” to add software releases into the repository.

    Figure 1: Adding to the Software Repository
    Adding to the Software Repository
  3. Next, select “Software Upgrade.”

    Before performing an upgrade, modify one or multiple rows to indicate what version to upgrade to. Within the settings, users can indicate which software release from the software repository to upgrade to, as well as the file transfer method, and whether or not to reboot after upgrade. If selecting not to reboot immediately after upgrade, the reboot can be performed separately using the reboot button.

    Figure 2: Modify Settings
    Modify Settings
  4. When the settings have been made, select the rows of the routers to upgrade, and click “Upgrade.”

    After the process is complete, optionally select the rows of the routers that need to be rebooted and click “Reboot.” Answer the confirmation dialog to continue.