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Configuration Restore


Configuration restoration is possible for JUNOS and for CiscoIOS (versions 12.3 or later). Note that for earlier versions of CiscoIOS, configuration replacement is possible for the startup configuration, but only merge is supported for the the running configuration. In this case, a separate reboot is necessary before the restoration is complete.

To restore the configuration files to the router of a previous collection, first select one or more routers that you wish to restore and click Modify. Indicate which configuration version that you would like to restore. Note that the Subdirectory, if specified earlier, is indicated in parentheses.

Figure 1: Config Management Settings
Config Management Settings

After setting the date you wish to restore, it will be populated in the Date/File to Restore column of the Config/OS Management window. You can either select the date from Date to Restore, browse for the specific date directory for Directory to Restore, or select a particular configuration file to restore on the router for File to Restore. Click OK.

After having set the date to restore, select the routers from the Config/OS Managemetn window to be restored and click “Restore”

At the prompt, optionally enter in comments about the restore.

Upon clicking OK, a status window will appear indicating the status of the restoration.

Figure 2: Restore Progress
Restore Progress

Following a successful restoration, you will be asked whether or not to recollect the configuration files and update the network. Click Yes to open the Live Update options, to submit a task to the Task Manager.