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Network Menu VPNs Window


The IP/MPLSView main window has a Network menu used to display details about VPNs. Select Network > VPNs by VPN Type to display the VPN list. Select a VPN from the list to display the VPN Summary Information window.

Figure 1 shows the Network menu VPN Summary Information window.

Figure 1: VPN Summary Information Window
VPN Summary Information Window

From the VPN Summary Information window, you can display reports, ping from a PE or CE router to another router, display interfaces associated with the VPN, or select a PE device to display details about that device.

Select the Interfaces tab to display information about the interfaces associated with this VPN. Click the + icon under details to display detailed information about the interface and the traffic on that interface.

Click on any of the buttons to display Interface Traffic charts.

Figure 2 shows the VPN Interfaces window with interface details and an Interface Traffic chart.

Figure 2: VPN Interfaces Window
VPN Interfaces Window
VPN Interfaces Window

Expand the VPN list to access a list of nodes. From the list of nodes, you can perform the actions described in Network Node Info Actions Window.