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IP/MPLSView System Administration Overview


The System Administration tool allows the IP/MPLSView administrator to control access and security settings for the graphical interface and Web Interface. With this tool, the administrator can change user privileges, update the message of the day, and modify login policy settings. Please refer to the User Administration Tool chapter of the IP/MPLSView Java-based Graphical User Interface Reference for information on the more advanced tasks.

Backing Up the Data Directories

Use the /u/wandl/util/ script to create a mapping file that lists the directories you want to back up.

/u/wandl/util/ mapping-file output-directory

In the command example:

  • The mapping-file is the name of the file containing the list of directories, such as /u/wandl/data/device and /u/wandl/data/lspping.

  • The output-directory is the directory where the TAR file is saved. By default, this is the current directory.

The backup filename created has the format wandl.yyyymmdd.tar.gz.