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    Tunnel Type Configuration Options Related to Areas

    Select the Type button underneath the Bandwidth (BW) field to examine further options. There are two options for routing tunnels:

    • You can ignore OSPF Area definitions by checking the No BD checkbox. Routing will be performed assuming the network is a flat OSPF network.
    • You can take into account the traditional OSPF routing processes with bandwidth checking. This is the method used by default.

    Note: To turn off bandwidth checking, the checkbox No CSPF should be selected. In this case, RSVP bandwidth will not be checked, for example.

    Figure 1: Tunnel Type Window (Options May Vary)

    Tunnel Type Window (Options May Vary)

    Select “Cancel” to exit the Tunnel Type Parameter Generation window. Click “Add” to add the tunnels.

    Note: The tunnels created are by default dynamic. Some routers do not support dynamic inter-area tunnels. In that case, the route can be configured as described in Configuring a Loose Route.

    Modified: 2016-11-08