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    Equipment Views

    Select Inventory > Hardware Inventory and select a router from the Routers list. Alternatively, right-click a node on the topology map and select View > Equipment View.

    Note: In many of the Hardware Inventory tables, only a few of the many possible columns are shown by default. To add additional columns, right-click on the table header, and select “Table Options.” Then select which columns to add to the table and move them to the right hand side. In particular, the Hostname field is available in most of the hardware inventory tables.

    There are two main views in the router’s Equipment View window. The Logical View depicts a graphical view of the cards and ports in the router. The Tabular View depicts in tabular format, details such as interface status, ingress and egress bandwidth, etc.

    Figure 1: Logical View

    Logical View

    Figure 2: Tabular View Tab

    Tabular View Tab

    Modified: 2016-11-08