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    Recommended Instructions

    Following is a high-level, sequential outline of the specification file creation process from router configuration files and the associated, recommended procedures.

    Graphical User Interface Mode

    1. Select File > Create Network > From Collected Data for the Network Data Import Wizard to create a new network model with a selected set of configuration files as described in Graphical User Interface.
    2. Specify the necessary directories and options for importing configuration files.

    Text Mode (Alternative)

    1. Open a console window on or a telnet window to the server that has IP/MPLSView installed.
    2. Navigate to the directory containing the configuration files, and make sure the ownership and permissions of those files are set properly.
    3. Run the command-line program, getipconf as described in Text Mode.
    4. Open the specification file on the IP/MPLSView client and recalculate the layout.

      MPLS Tunnel Path Import

      Using the Import Data Wizard, extract actual MPLS tunnel path information using data input from the chosen data directory as described in MPLS Tunnel Extraction.

    Modified: 2016-11-08