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    Device SNMP Collection

    Use this task to schedule collection of SNMP data for CPU and memory utilization from devices in the live network. Results of the SNMP collection are saved to the directory /u/wandl/data/device/[date], where [date] is the date of the collection using the format yymmdd, with yy as the two character year, mm the two character month, and dd the two character day.

    Figure 1: Device SNMP Collection Window

    Device SNMP Collection Window

    Table 1: Device SNMP Collection Parameters

    Task Parameter


    Router Profiles

    This drop-down menu selects a profile that was previously created in the Router Profiles window. Once a router profile is selected, the table on the left will be populated with all routers from the profile. Select which routers to include in the data collection by selecting routers from the left table and clicking the Add button to move them to the right table.

    Use Profile Directly

    With this option selected, when the profile is modified outside the task, the devices collected by this task are updated according to the modified profile.

    Use Master Profile

    Devices can be selected from the Master Profile, which contains the last used credentials of previously collected devices.

    Use CLI for System Uptime

    Some devices may not support System uptime via SNMP collection, in which case CLI collection of System Uptime is provided as an alternative method of collection.

    Collect Line Card Information (Juniper Only)

    This option collects statistics information about interface modules installed in Juniper Networks devices.

    View the resulting web reports in the IP/MPLSView Web Interface by selecting Performance Management > Device Performance Reports.


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    Modified: 2016-11-08