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    Device Ping Collection

    Use this task to schedule ping tests between two sets of routers or devices. Results of the SNMP collection are saved to the directory /u/wandl/data/ping/[date], where [date] is the date of the collection using the format yymmdd, with yy as the two character year, mm the two character month, and dd the two character day. Device Ping Collection task requires the source node to be in the live network (/u/wandl/data/.network). If not, the task will execute with an OK message but no data will be saved. View resulting web reports from the IP/MPLSView Web Interface, Performance Management > Network Performance > Ping.

    Figure 1: Device Ping Collection Window

    Device Ping Collection Window

    Table 1: Device Ping Collection Parameters

    Task Parameter


    Select Source Devices

    Specify the source routers for the ping task. Every source router will ping every destination router.

    Select Destination Devices

    Specify the destination routers for the ping task. Every source router will ping every destination router.

    Use Profile Directly

    When the profile is modified outside the task, the routers collected by this task will be updated according to the modified profile.

    Use Master Profile

    Use the master profile which has the last successful logins for the router profiles of the live network.

    Ping Repeat/Count

    Ping Pack Size(byte)

    Ping Type of Service (TOS, 0~255)

    Ping Hex Fill Pattern

    These parameters are derived from the following commands:

    • Cisco IOS command:
      • ping IPaddress repeat pingCount size pingPacketSize data pingHexFillPattern
    • Juniper JUNOS command:’
      • ping IPaddress count pingCount size pingPacketSize tos pingTOS pattern pingHexFillPattern interval 0.1

    The following are also supported. Note that not every hardware uses all of the parameters: Cisco CRS/IOX, Cisco CRS/TACACS, Juniper ERX, Huawei, Foundry, Starent.

    Modified: 2016-11-08