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    Network Performance

    The IP/MPLSView main window has a Performance menu used to display live traffic, aggregated traffic, real-time status and usage, device and network performance, and diagnostics. It is also used to manage the traffic collector, and run CLI tests.

    Select Performance>Network Performance to display the Network Performance window. Figure 1 shows the Network Performance window with the Ping report selected.

    Figure 1: Network Performance Window

    Network Performance Window

    The ping report shows the average ping time (pingAvg), the maximum ping time (pingMax), the minimum ping time (pingMin), and the ping loss percentage (pingLossPercent).

    Select a start and end date, and click Apply to display the report for the selected days. Select one or more devices and click the chart or trend icon to display a chart of the system up time. Select the export icon to export a .cvs file of the data. Click the PDF icon to save the data as a PDF file. Click the gear icon to change the number of rows in the display.

    Figure 2 shows a trend chart of Link Latency.

    Figure 2: Trend Chart of Link Latency

    Trend Chart of Link Latency

    Expand the Advanced Options pane of the Network Performance window. For ping reports, you can change the Aggregate Interval, Aggregate Method, Source Router, Destination Router, or Ping Type. For Link Latency reports, you can also change the Latency Type.

    For SLA reports, you can change the Aggregate Interval, Aggregate Method, Unit, Source Router, Probe Type, Measurement, and Type.

    Figure 3 shows the Advanced Options pane for SLA reports.

    Figure 3: Advanced Options Pane for SLA Reports

    Advanced Options Pane for SLA Reports

    Modified: 2016-09-27