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    LSP Delta Wizard Overview

    The LSP Delta wizard detects changes made to the LSP configurations in a network since the network was loaded, including added, modified, and deleted LSP tunnels. A table is created displaying all new, modified, and deleted LSPs. From this table you may create LSP deltas or XML files describing those changes.

    • LSP Deltas are configuration statements that will provision LSP configuration changes in a live network, whether it be adding a new LSP, modifying an existing LSP, or removing an existing LSP.
    • The generated XML file, is a file that describes LSP configuration changes, and which can be imported to MetaSolv’s IP Service Activation system. In the case of Alcatel 7750 routers, the XML files generated are SOAP ready and formatted to be sent to a SAM server for deployment.

    An additional capability that the wizard provides is the detection of FRR backup tunnels that are no longer bound to an interface. This feature is useful to detect tunnels that either need to be reconfigured or that can be deleted.

    This chapter describes the steps for using the LSP Delta wizard. Sample LSP Deltas and XML files will be provided, and the XML schema will be explained.

    This feature is useful for examining LSP changes made to a network model, whether it be newly added LSPs, modified LSPs, or deleted LSPs. The LSP Deltas are useful for configuring LSP changes on Alcatel, Cisco, and Juniper systems.

    The LSP Tunnel Delta wizard compares the current network model with the baseline network model, where the baseline network model is the state of the network model when it is first opened in the software. This means that if the user adds a new LSP tunnel and then deletes that LSP tunnel, or if the user modifies an existing LSP tunnel and then modifies that LSP tunnel again to return it to its original state, then the LSP Tunnel Delta wizard will not generate any new LSP tunnel configuration data.

    The basic steps are:

    • Run the LSP Delta wizard.
    • Examine the tables of newly added, modified, and deleted LSPs.
    • Generate some LSP Deltas and examine their configuration statements.
    • Generate an XML output file, examine its contents, and import it into MetaSolv’s IP Service Activation system or any other third party system that is capable of parsing XML data.

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    Modified: 2016-11-08