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    IP/MPLSView Java Web Start Frequently Asked Questions

    I am trying to launch the client via Java Web Start, but when I click the “Run IP/MPLSView” button, nothing happens.

    Pop-up blockers can interfere with this operation. Either hold down the CTRL button while clicking the Run button or disable your pop-up blocker.

    When launching the client via Java Web Start, I got an error message that said: “Unable to find file: c:\.....\<client-ip-addr>.jnlp”.

    Sometimes the browser’s cache is out of synch. This often happens if the browser’s cache is set too large. To fix this problem, clear your browser’s cache and set it to a more reasonable size (100 MB should be more than enough).

    How do I launch Java Web Start’s Application Manager in order to change Java Web Start’s settings?

    For Windows, select Start > Programs > Java Web Start > Java Web Start. Use the javaws command in the /javaws subdirectory of where the client was installed (for example, /u/wandl/client/javaws). Then select File > Preferences.

    I am experiencing odd problems when launching the client via Java Web Start?

    Sometimes Web Start’s cache gets corrupted. First make sure that the client is not running. Launch Java Web Start’s Applications Manager. Select File > Preferences and click on the Advanced tab. Click Clear Folder to clear the applications folder. If the Current Size (in KBytes) is not reset to 0, you might have to manually delete the files. In order to do this, browse to the directory displayed in Applications Folder and delete everything in there. If you are unable to delete everything, it might mean that a copy of the client is still running.

    How do I enable my Java output console when using Java Web Start?

    You can open a Java output console window by launching Java Web Start’s Application Manager. Select File > Preferences and click the Advanced tab. Select the box for Show Java Console.

    Java Web Start has trouble using my JRE.

    If you have installed a new JRE or uninstalled an existing JRE, the old settings might be kept, which causes problems. You can reconfigure the JRE settings by launching Java Web Start’s Application Manager. Select File > Preferences and click the Java tab. An alternative solution is to uninstall Webstart and all JRE’s, then reinstall Java and Webstart.


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    Modified: 2016-06-29