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    Finding Information with Content Explorer

    Content Explorer is a Web application that consolidates a wide array of technical documentation into one easy-to-navigate page. You can use Content Explorer to quickly narrow a large body of information down to just the information you need.

    To use Content Explorer:

    1. Click the Content Explorer link on the left side of any page on the Juniper Networks Technical Documentation site. Or, navigate to Content Explorer directly.
    2. From the Select Product list, select the Juniper Networks hardware series or operating system that you want to learn more about.
    3. From the Select Category list, select Documentation Tasks (default) if you want to view HTML topics targeted to your needs, or select Downloadable PDFs if you want to view larger, more inclusive documents that you can download to your system.

      If you select Documentation Tasks, refine your results further by selecting task categories:

      • Release Information: Contains release notes and related content that describe new features, changes in behavior, and known issues in a specific software release.
      • Design: Describes how to develop and plan a network architecture for a Juniper Networks solution, product, or feature. This category also provides interoperability information.
      • Configure: Provides details about how to configure a Juniper Networks solution, product, or feature within a single product or across multiple products.
      • Install, Upgrade, and Deploy: Provides information about how to install and upgrade a Juniper Networks hardware or software product. This category also provides a quick introduction to a Juniper Networks software product and the basic installation tasks required to make the product operational.
      • Maintain, Manage, and Operate: Describes how to administer Juniper Networks hardware and software products. This category also provides information about how to use Juniper Networks client software applications, which do not typically have configuration or administration requirements.
      • Monitor and Troubleshoot: Describes how to monitor and troubleshoot a Juniper Networks solution, platform, or feature. This category also describes network-wide troubleshooting and network operations center (NOC) operations.
    4. From the Select Release list, select the software release version that you are running in your environment.

      When you select a software release from the list of available software releases, the menu collapses and the results are displayed below the application menu.

    5. Select one or more links from the results section to view the documentation in a new Web browser window.

    Modified: 2017-01-24