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Finding Juniper Product Documentation with Google


Many of you have told us that you prefer to search for Juniper Networks documentation using an external search engine such as Google. Because our website contains thousands of technical documents, we recommend that you use operators to narrow down your search when using an external search engine.

Operators are punctuation marks and short expressions that you can use to refine your search results. The following operators can help you to quickly find the information you need.

Table 1: Using Operators to Refine Your Google Search




quotation marks (“ “)

Search for an exact phrase.

“data center fabric”

This search only lists results that include references to data center fabric content.

asterisk (*)

  • Include a variable phrase in your search.

  • Search for partial word matches.

“data * fabric”

The phrase matches a variety of terms including “data centre fabric” (using the British English spelling of “centre”), “data sheet fabric”, “data and fabric,” and “data fabric” (with nothing between the “data” and “fabric” terms).

minus sign (-)

  • Exclude words from your search.

  • “Declutter” your search results after you have had a chance to review them.

mobile ip juniper -junos

This search finds information about Juniper Networks Mobile IP technology. Since it excludes Junos OS-based documentation, Steel-Belted RADIUS products rise to the top in the search results.

site: operator

Limit your search to a single website.


This search lists MPLS content on Juniper’s website, including configuration information, Day One Guides, J-Net forum discussions, and training classes.

inurl: operator

Limit your search to a specific term that appears within a website’s directory or URL.

The inurl: operator is both broader than the site: operator (because it finds content from any website with your term in its URL), and more narrow (because the term must appear in the URL itself, and not just anywhere in the site’s content).

junos bgp neighbor peer inurl:techpubs

This search is restricted to the technical documentation pages on Juniper’s website.

Using these operators together, including multiple instances of the same operator, you can execute very specific and targeted searches. For example, consider the query:

srx "firewall filter" configuration example -inurl:pdf inurl:techpubs

This example looks and sounds complicated, but what it really means is that we are looking for non-PDF content about firewall filter configuration examples for the SRX Series platforms within the Juniper Networks TechLibrary site . The results that we receive include a variety of examples, release notes, configuration guides, and some feature support guidelines that provide information about the supported features in the release.