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Finding Information with TechLibrary Tools and Applications


The TechLibrary has a suite of tools and applications that provide you with technical information about the Juniper Networks product portfolio. You can find the tools and applications under Tools & Applications on the Juniper Networks TechLibrary site.

  • CLI Explorer—An application that you can use to search for Junos OS configuration statements and operational commands and view the platforms on which they are supported. You can also access the documentation for the configuration statements and operational commands from CLI Explorer.

  • Competitive Migration Tool—An application that you can use to identify Juniper Networks products that you can install to upgrade your current network to an optimal one.

  • Compliance Advisor—An application that helps you find regulatory and compliance information, namely Common Criteria, Commercial Solutions for Classified Program (CSfC), FIPS, Homologation, RoHS2, UC Approved Products List, and USGv6.

  • Feature Explorer—Feature Explorer is your central resource for information about features on Juniper Networks products. Feature Explorer helps you explore feature information to find the best software releases and hardware platforms for use in your network. Use Feature Explorer to:

    • Search for features, platforms, or software releases

    • View the features supported in a specific software release

    • View the features supported on a specific hardware platform

    • Compare the features supported by two different software releases on a specific hardware platform

    • Compare the features supported by a specific software release on two different hardware platforms

  • Hardware Compatibility Tool—An application that helps you find the hardware components such as transceivers, line cards, and interface modules that are supported on Juniper Networks hardware products. You can use this application to search for the components, or browse by component type or product to find the information that you need.

  • Junos XML API Explorer—An application that helps you find the configuration and operational tags in the Junos XML API that Junos XML management protocol and NETCONF XML management protocol client applications can use to configure a device running Junos OS or to request information about the configuration and operational status of a device runing Junos OS. The configuration tags are an XML representation of the configuration statements in the Junos OS command-line interface (CLI). The operation tags are equivalent to operational mode commands in the Junos OS CLI. For more information about the Junos XML API, see the Junos XML Management Protocol Developer Guide.

  • Network Product Selector—A resource that helps you select the right product for your network. This application guides you through a set of carefully selected questions to generate a product recommendation that best fits your requirements, and provides links to marketing and technical information about the recommended products.

  • SNMP MIB Explorer—An application that enables you to search for SNMP MIBs supported on Juniper Networks products. You can search for MIB objects using a combination of product and release to view detailed information about the MIB (including a link to the MIB file), and the MIB hierarchy in a tree structure.

  • System Log Explorer—An application that enables you to search for system log messages in a specific Junos OS release and view more information about the system log message, such as the severity and cause of an event, and platforms on which the system log message is supported.

  • Portable Libraries—A resource that allows you download a ZIP file containing all the product documentation for a release in PDF format. This is can be useful if you need to access the Juniper documentation but are unable to connect to the Internet.

  • Juniper vLabs—An application that provides a variety of pre-configured topologies in routing, switching, security, automation, telemetry, and network management that you can try out for free.