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Where Can I Find Product Specifications?


We understand that obtaining specifications for Juniper Networks products is a critical part of the planning and deployment process. Look at the following resources to obtain specifications for our products.

Considering a Purchase?

Each Juniper Networks product has a datasheet, which provides an overview of the product and its feature capabilities, general specifications, and supported RFCs. In addition, it includes information about how to order the product and its components.

There are two ways to access datasheets:

Planning a Deployment?

Each Juniper Networks product includes detailed environmental, power, and component specifications that help you to deploy and manage the product in your network.

Specifications are available in the Hardware Guide for the product from the Juniper Networks TechLibrary site. To access the Hardware Guide for the product, select the product under Product Documentation, and then select Hardware Guides in the top of the product documentation page.