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    Connecting to the Command-Line Interface (CLI Procedure)

    You use the command-line interface (CLI) to use CLI utilities, such as bypassStatus, scio, sctop,; or Linux diagnostic commands, such as ethtool.

    To connect to the command-line interface:

    1. Use SSH to connect to the IP address or hostname for the management interface.
    2. Log in as admin and enter su - to switch to root.
    3. At the secure shell, define IDPDIR as follows:
      export IDPDIR

      Note: Bash is the default shell and bash commands are shown in the example. If you use a different shell, use the equivalent commands.

      Note: If you automate management or monitoring tasks with cron jobs or daemons that run CLI commands, remember to define the shell environment at the top of your script file. For example, if you create a Bash script to run as a cron job, include the following line at the top of your script file:

      export IDPDIR=/usr/idp

    Published: 2011-05-02