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    Updating IDP OS Software (NSM Procedure)

    This topic provides the basic procedure for upgrading IDP OS software. Check the release notes to see the exact procedure tested for a particular release.

    To update IDP OS software:

    1. Add the IDP OS software to the NSM GUI server.
    2. Push the IDP OS software from the NSM GUI server to one or more IDP Series devices.

    To add an IDP OS software image to the NSM GUI server:

    1. Download the software image:
      1. Go to and log in with your customer username and password.
      2. Enter the IDP Series device serial number to display a view of applicable software releases available for download.
      3. Click the applicable link to display the software download page.
      4. Download the software to a location you can access from your NSM client.
    2. From the NSM main menu, select Tools > Software Manager to display the Software Manager dialog box.
    3. Click the + button to display the Open dialog box.
    4. Select the IDP OS software image you just downloaded and click Open to add the software image to the NSM GUI server.
    5. Click OK.

    To push the software image from the NSM GUI server to IDP Series devices:

    1. From the NSM main menu, select Devices > Software > Install Device Software to display the Install Device Software dialog box.
    2. From the Select OS Name list, select ScreenOS/IDP.
    3. From the Select Software Image list, select the image file you just added to the NSM GUI server.
    4. In the Select Devices list, select the IDP Series devices on which to install the software update.
    5. Click Next and complete the wizard steps.
    6. Select Automate ADM Transformation to automatically update the Abstract Data Model (ADM) for the device after NSM installs the update.

      Note: If you clear this setting, the update is installed onto the device, but you cannot manage the device from NSM until the device ADM is updated.

    7. Click Finish to display upgrade status in the Job Information dialog box.
    8. When the upgrade finishes, click Close to exit the Job Information dialog box.
    9. Download the IDP detector engine and NSM attack database updates to the NSM GUI server:

      In NSM, select Tools > View/Update NSM attack database and complete the wizard steps.

    10. Push the updated IDP detector engine to IDP Series devices:

      In NSM, select Devices > IDP Detector Engine > Load IDP Detector Engine and complete the wizard steps.

      Note: Updating the IDP detector engine on a device does not require a reboot of the device.

    11. Push a security policy update job to update attack objects in use in your security policy:

      1. In NSM, select Devices > Configuration > Update Device Config.
      2. Select devices to which to push the updates and set update job options.
      3. Click OK.

    Published: 2011-02-08