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    Configuring Syslog Collection (NSM Procedure)

    You configure syslog settings if you want to forward a copy of IDP Series device logs to a syslog server.

    You have the option of configuring NSM to forward a copy of its log collection to a syslog server or configuring syslog settings for each IDP Series device.Figure 1 shows the NSM Report Settings page, where you configure syslog settings.

    Figure 1: NSM Device Configuration Editor: Report Settings

    Image s036793.gif

    To configure syslog forwarding for NSM, see the NSM online Help.

    To configure syslog forwarding for a single IDP Series device:

    1. In the NSM Device Manager, double-click the IDP Series device to display the device configuration editor.
    2. Click Report Settings.
    3. Select Enable Syslog.
    4. Specify the syslog server IP address, port, and protocol. Port 514 and UDP are industry standards and are used as the default.
    5. Specify whether to forward packet logs to the syslog server.
    6. Click OK.

    The following example shows a syslog message record:

    Mar 31 18:04:31  1 2010-06-23T18:05:55 Jnpr Syslog 23414 1 
    [ dayId="20100623" recordId="0" timeRecv="2010/06/23 18:05:55" timeGen="2010/06/23 18:05:51" 
    domain="" devDomVer2="0" device_ip="" cat="Config" attack="" srcZn="NULL" 
    srcIntf="" srcAddr="" srcPort="0" natSrcAddr="NULL" natSrcPort="0" 
    dstZn="NULL" dstIntf="NULL" dstAddr="" dstPort="0" natDstAddr="NULL" natDstPort="0" protocol="IP" 
    ruleDomain="" ruleVer="0" policy="" rulebase="NONE" ruleNo="0" action="NONE" severity="INFO" alert="no" 
    elaspedTime="0" inbytes="0" outbytes="0" totBytes="0" inPak="0" outPak="0" totPak="0" repCount="0" packetData="no" varEnum="0" 
    misc="Interaface  eth2,eth3 is in Normal State" user="NULL" app="NULL" uri="NULL"]

    Published: 2011-02-08