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    Configuring an SNMP Agent (NSM Procedure)

    You configure an SNMP agent in order to send device event logs to an SNMP server.

    You can configure an SNMP agent for NSM (if you want to send the NSM collection to SNMP) as well as an SNMP agent for each IDP Series device. Figure 1 shows the NSM Report Settings page, where you configure SNMP.

    Figure 1: NSM Device Configuration Editor: Report Settings

    Image s036793.gif

    For instructions on how to configure an SNMP agent for NSM, see the NSM online Help.

    To configure an SNMP agent for a single IDP Series device:

    1. In the NSM Device Manager, double-click the IDP Series device to display the device configuration editor.
    2. Click Report Settings.
    3. Complete SNMP settings as described in Table 1.
    4. Click OK.

    Table 1: IDP Series Device Configuration: SNMP Settings



    Enable SNMP

    Enables forwarding to a network management system that reads SNMP.

    SNMP Read Only Community

    Specifies the read-only community string, which is like a password used for the exchange between the IDP Series device and the network management system.

    SNMP Manager IP

    Specifies the IP address of the SNMP server.

    SNMP Contact

    Specifies an e-mail address for the IDP administrator contact. The contact is included in SNMP communications. If the network management system encounters a problem with the SNMP communication, an administrator can use the contact information to follow up.

    SNMP Location

    Specifies the location of the IDP Series device. Location is included in SNMP communications.

    Published: 2011-02-08