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    Pulling or Pushing Configuration Updates

    The IDP Series device configuration stored in NSM is not an active configuration. The active configuration is the one running on the IDP Series device. In some cases, the two configurations can be out of sync. To synchronize them, you can pull the running configuration from the IDP Series device into NSM or push the NSM device configuration onto the IDP Series device.

    Table 1 describes the cases when you pull and the cases where you push.

    Table 1: Pulling and Pushing Configuration Updates

    Pull a Configuration

    Push a Configuration

    • When you add an IDP Series device to NSM.
    • After you use ACM to change the deployment mode.
    • After you model an IDP Series device in NSM.
    • After you update the IDP detector engine, NSM attack database, or security policy.
    • After you use the NSM device editor to enable features or change feature settings.

    To import the IDP Series device configuration:

    1. In the NSM Device Manager, right-click the device and select Import Device.
    2. Select the Run Delta Config check box.

      A delta configuration summary displays the differences between the current IDP Series device configuration and the running configuration (on the IDP Series device).

    3. Click OK.

    To push an update from the NSM Device Manager to an IDP Series device:

    1. In the NSM Device Manager, right-click the device you want to push the update to and select Update Device to display the Update Device dialog box.
    2. Set update job options as described in Table 2.
    3. Click OK.

    Table 2: Device Update Job Options



    Update When Device Connects

    If the IDP Series device is not currently connected to NSM, then NSM queues the update so that the update happens when the IDP Series device reconnects to NSM.

    Restart IDP Profiler After Device Update

    Restarts the Profiler after the update.

    Update IDP Rulebase Only

    Updates only the IDP rulebase. Select this option if you are updating only the IDP rulebase or attack objects.

    Don’t Show This Dialog

    Does not display this dialog box in the future.

    Published: 2011-02-08