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    scio vc


    scio vc option arguments


    Enables you to create and manage virtual circuits.


    Table 1 describes scio vc options and arguments and provides examples of command syntax.

    Table 1: Command Reference: scio vc


    Usage and Examples


    Lists virtual circuits.

    [root@defaulthost admin]# scio vc list
    Defined Virtual Circuits:
    V-Circuit  NIC   V-Router  Subscriber IP Address      Network Mask    Sniff HA
    ---------  ----  --------  ---------- --------------- --------------- ----- ---
    eth2       eth2  vr1       s0         n/a             n/a             yes   no
    eth3       eth3  vr1       s0         n/a             n/a             yes   no
    [root@defaulthost admin]#

    external virtual-circuit [set|unset]

    Sets or unsets the external bit for the virtual circuit.

    [root@defaulthost admin]# scio vc external eth2 set
    [root@defaulthost admin]#

    sniff virtual-circuit [enable | disable]

    Sets or unsets sniffer mode for the specified virtual circuit.

    [root@defaulthost admin]# scio vc sniff eth2 enable
    [root@defaulthost admin]#

    define virtual-circuit vc-type

    Creates a new virtual circuit with the specified name and type.

    [root@defaulthost admin]# scio vc define eth4 sniff
    [root@defaulthost admin]#

    undef virtual-circuit

    Deletes the specified virtual circuit.

    [root@defaulthost admin]# scio vc undef eth4
    [root@defaulthost admin]#

    Published: 2011-02-08