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    Dynamic Books - Online Help

    This topic describes how to explore the Dynamic Books web page.


    Dynamic Books is an application that allows user to assemble custom books from Juniper TechLibrary. It allows user to customize their book structure and generate PDF and Word outputs.

    Dynamic Books Building Application

    To Create a new dynamic book follow the procedure given below:

    1. From Juniper Techpubs ( page select product, and then select any technical guide as shown in the figure Figure 1

      Figure 1: EX3200 Hardware Guide

      EX3200 Hardware Guide
    2. Click ON toggle button to enable the DynamicBook buttons. See figure Figure 1
      • DynamicBook buttons are enabled as shown in the figure Figure 2

    Figure 2: Dynamic Book Buttons Enabled

    Dynamic Book
Buttons Enabled

    Table 1: TechLibrary Page

    User Interface


    Click to add the current topic to the Book.

    Click to view the Dynamic Book.

    Click to add multiple topics to the book.

    Click to hide dynamic book buttons.

    Click to view dynamic book buttons.

    Figure 3: Dynamic Books Application Page

    Dynamic Books Application Page

    Table 2: Dynamic Books Page

    User Interface


    Create Part

    Click to create Part Title

    Create Chapter

    Click to Create Chapter Title

    • Select Part Title and click Create chapter to create Chapter Title


    Click to delete topic

    • Select one or more topics and then click to delete selected topics

    Go Back

    Click to go to previous page (techpubs) to add more topics


    Click to login

    • User needs to Login to create and Save multiple books

    Create Book

    Click to create New book

    Delete Book

    Click to delete complete Book

    Click to Save

    Click the check boxes to publish desired output

    Click to Publish the selected book

    Click pdf or Word icon to download the created book

    Drag & Drop

    Drag and drop to reorganize the book structure

    • Select Part title or Chapter title or Topic and then drag & drop to desired positions/levels as required
    • Click Save button to save the structure

    Modified: 2016-04-15