Creating a Metadata

Use the Create Metadata page to define new metadata of your choice. The metadata is assigned to address objects and used in the firewall policy rules.

Note Metadata cannot be assigned to address groups.


To create a new metadata:

  1. Select Configure > Shared Objects > Object Metadata.

    The Metadata page appears.

  2. Click the add icon (+).

    The Create Metadata page appears.

  3. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 337.
  4. Click Ok.

    A new metadata is created. Associate the new metadata to an address. See Creating Addresses and Address Groups.

    Click Cancel to discard the changes.

Table 337: Fields on the Create Metadata Page





Enter a unique string of alphanumeric characters, colons, periods, dashes, and underscores. No spaces are allowed; maximum length is 63 characters.

For example: Location

Possible Value

Define the possible metadata values. You can use only alphabetical characters. Values must be comma separated.

For example, Bangalore, Sunnyvale, and so on.