Creating Secure Fabric and Sites

You can create sites within your secure fabric from the secure fabric page.

Before You Begin


To create a site within your secure fabric:

  1. Select Devices>Secure Fabric.
  2. Click the + icon.
  3. Complete the configuration by using the guidelines in Table 141 below.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Create a new site and add an enforcement point to a site.

Table 141: Create Site Page Fields





Enter a unique string that must begin with an alphanumeric character and can include underscores; no spaces allowed; 63-characters maximum.


Select a tenant.


Enter a description; maximum length is 1024 characters. You should make this description as useful as possible for all administrators.

Warning If you add certain SRX Series Devices to your Secure Fabric as enforcement points, you may see a warning that the device(s) must be reconfigured in enhanced mode and require a reboot. Here is a list of SRX models that may require rebooting for enhanced mode after being registered with Policy Enforcer/Sky ATP/JATP.