NAT Policies Main Page Fields

Use Network Address Translation (NAT) for modifying or translating network address information in packet headers. NAT can include the translation of port numbers as well as IP addresses. Table 221 describes the fields on this page.

Table 221: NAT Policies Main Page Fields





Name of the NAT policy.

Number of Rules

Number of rules assigned to the NAT policy.

Number of Devices

Number of devices on which the group or device policies are published.

Publish Date

Displays the publish state of the NAT policy configuration. You can verify your NAT configurations before updating them to the device.

  • Not Published—NAT policy is created but not published.

  • Published—Configuration is published to all devices involved in the policy.

  • Partially Published—Configuration is published to only fewer devices involved in the NAT policy.

  • Re-publish Required—Modifications are made to the NAT policy configuration after it is published.

Last Modified

Last modified date and time of the NAT policy.

Modified By

User who modified the NAT policy.