About the Category Update Page

To access this page, click Configure > UTM Policy > Category Update.

Use the Category Update page to download and install a URL category dynamically. You can download the Websense Enhanced Web Filtering category version from the category download site at https://update.juniper-updates.net and install it without upgrading Security Director. Websense occasionally releases new Enhanced Web Filtering categories. The category list is available in a file in JSON format. It supports a predefined base filter and all categories have default actions in the base filter. The base filter can be attached to a user profile, which acts like a backup filter. The base filter takes action for the categories that are not configured in a user profile.

The category file is downloaded into Junos Space server in the following ways:


Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 232 provides guidelines on using the fields on the Category Update page.

Table 232: Fields on the Category Update Page




File Version

Specifies the downloaded category file version.

Publish Date

Specifies the date when the Enhanced Web Category File was published in the download site, that is, https://update.juniper-updates.net.

Supported Junos

Specifies the Junos version on which the category file is supported.

Note: UTM category update is supported only from Junos 17.4 version.

Select Filter

Select a predefined base filter, which has default actions for all categories, for Web filtering.


Specifies the category name in the base filter.


Specifies the action for the categories in the base filter.