About the Changes Not Submitted Page

To access this page, click Configuration > Change Management > Change Requests.

Use the Changes Not Submitted page to view all policy changes that are not submitted. You can also perform the required actions such as initiating the change request, editing the policy, and discarding the policy changes.

A policy can be submitted for change request, if one or more of the following conditions match:

A policy cannot be submitted for change request for the following reasons:

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 303 provides guidelines on using the fields on the Changes Not Submitted page.

Table 303: Fields on the Changes Not Submitted Page




Policy Name

Specifies the name of the policy. Click the Policy Name link to view the summary of changes to the policy.

Unsubmitted Changes

Click View to view detailed information about the unsubmitted changes.

Service Type

Specifies the type of policy (firewall or NAT).

Last Modified

Specifies date and time at which the policy was modified.

Change Saved By

Specifies the name of the user who saved the changes.