Adding a Redirect Profile

You can add a redirect profile and configure a custom block message or redirect URL.


To add a redirect profile:

  1. Select Configure>Application Firewall Policy>Redirect Profiles.

    The Redirect Profiles page is displayed.

  2. Click the + icon.

    The Add Redirect Profile page appears.

  3. Configure according to the guidelines in Table 185.
  4. Click OK.

    A profile is created and displayed on the redirect profiles page.

Table 185: Add Redirect Profile





Enter the name of the redirect profile.


Enter the description of the Redirect Profile.

Block Message Type

Select the block message type:

  • Text—If custom text is specified, both the default block message and the custom-defined block message are displayed.

  • Redirect URL—The URL of the webpage to which the client is redirected. The URL must start with http or https. For example:

Block Message/Redirect URL

Enter the block message or redirect URL