Device Feed Status Details

Use the Device Feed Status page to view the download status of feeds from various feed sources. You can view the status of feeds for each device.

Note To view the Device Feed Status page, you must have the Threat Management privileges or predefined roles enabled.


To view the details of the device feed status:

  1. Select Monitor > Threat Prevention > Device Feed Status.

    The Device Feed Status page appears.

  2. Table 41 shows the information provided on the Device Feed Status page.

Table 41: Fields on the Device Feed Status Page


Column Name


Device Name

Specifies the name of the device.


Specifies the IP address of the device.


Specifies the model of the device mentioned in the Device Name column. For example, vSRX.

Feed Name

Specifies the name of the feed downloaded to the device.

This also shows the number of feeds downloaded. Click on the number to view the names of the individual feeds.

Feed Category

Specifies the category of the feed. For example, CC.

Last Downloaded

Specifies the last downloaded date and time of each feed.

You can click the filter icon to filter the data based on the following fields: