About the Rules Page (Advanced Policy-Based Routing)

To access this page, select Configure > App Routing Policies > Policy Name or Rules.

Use this page to create, edit, clone, or delete APBR policy rules. An APBR profile includes multiple rules. Each rule can contain multiple applications or application groups. If an application profile matches any of the application or application groups of a rule in a profile, the application profile rule is considered to be a match. The traffic is then redirected to the defined routing instance for the route lookup.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 247 provides guidelines on using the fields on the Rules page.

Table 247: Fields on the Rules Page





Specifies the source zone (to-zone) that defines the context for the policy.


Specifies the application that is associated with the rule for matching.

Routing Instance

Specifies a specific routing instance to which the device sends the matched packets.

Rule Name

Specifies the name of the rule.