Viewing Network Details of a Virtual Machine


Use the View Network Details page to view the network details of a virtual machine(VM) such as name of the virtual Network Interface Card (NIC) or the network adapter and the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of each NIC.

To view the network details:

  1. Select Monitor > vCenter Server Inventory > Virtual Machines.

    The Virtual Machines page appears.

  2. In the Network Details column, click View.

    The View Network Details page appears. Table 80 provides the guidelines on using the fields on this page.

Table 80: Fields on the View Networks Details Page




Virtual Machine

Specifies the IP address of the VM.


Specifies the name of a vNIC or network adapter.


Specifies the IPv4 address of a vNIC.


Specifies the IPv6 address of a vNIC.