Before You Deploy vSRX in VMware NSX Environment

Before you begin deploying the vSRX Virtual Services Gateway as an advanced security service in VMware NSX:

Table 146 lists the system software requirement specifications for the components of a vSRX, Security Director, and VMware NSX integration.

Table 146: System Software Specifications for vSRX in VMware NSX Environment




VMware ESXi Server

6.0 Update 3 or later

VMware vCenter Server

6.3.1 or later

VMware NSX for vSphere

6.3.1 or later

Note: For sites that are running vSphere 6.5, vSphere 6.5a is the minimum supported version with NSX for vSphere 6.3.0.

VMware NSX Manager

6.3.1 or later

Linux Kernel

3.10.x or later

Junos Space Security Director

17.1 or later

Junos Space Policy Enforcer

17.1 or later


Junos OS Release vSRX 15.1X49-D101 or later


4 GB

Disk space

16 GB (IDE or SCSI drives)


2 vCPUs


A single vNIC for management traffic. Network traffic is forwarded to the vSRX over a Virtual Machine Communication Interface (VMCI) communication channel by the ESXi hypervisor.

Note: VMCI is not a network interface (NIC) but a VMWare-proprietary device for Host to Guest Communication.