About the Certificates Page

To access this page, select Administration > Certificates in Customer Portal.

Use this page to view and manage SSL certificates. You can import a root certificate or a trusted certificate (directly from a file or by pasting the content) and install a certificate on a site.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 99 displays the fields on the Certificates page.

Table 99: Fields on the Certificates Page




Certificate Name

Name of the certificate.


Type of the certificate:

  • Root certificate

  • Trusted certificate


Description of the certificate.

Table 100: Fields on the Detailed View Page




Certificate Name

See Table 99.


See Table 99.

Valid From

Date and time (UTC) from which the certificate is valid.

Valid Upto

Date and time (UTC) until which the certificate is valid.

Serial Number

Serial number of the certificate.

Signature Algorithm

Algorithm used to sign the certificate.

Issuer Details

Details of the authority that issued the certificate, including details such as name, country, organization, and so on.


X.509 version of the certificate.