Installing Signatures

Users with the tenant administrator role can install the active signature database on one or more devices. Signatures must be present on the device for application firewall or intrusion prevention system (IPS) features to be used. If you do not install the signature database on a device, the deployment of IPS profiles or application firewall will fail.



To install the active signature database:

  1. Select Administration > Signature Database.

    The Signature Database page appears.

  2. Click Install Signatures.

    The Install Signatures page appears displaying the signature database version and the devices on which you can install the signature database.

  3. Select the check boxes corresponding to the devices on which you want to install the signature database.

    You can also search for, filter, or sort the devices displayed in the table.

  4. From the Type field:
  5. Click OK.

After the signature database is installed successfully, you can deploy the firewall policy (that references IPS profiles or application signatures) on the device.