Remotely Accessing a Device CLI

You can use the Devices page to remotely access the CLI of a CPE device and EX Series switch, and run show operational commands.

Note As an OpCo administrator, you can remotely access a device CLI only if you have the tenant administrator role assigned to you.

As a tenant administrator, you can remotely access the device CLI from the Devices page on the Customer Portal.


To access this page:

  1. Select Resources > Devices.

    The Devices page appears.

  2. Select a device from the Devices List.

    Note You can only select a device whose operational status is marked Up.

  3. Click More.

    A list of actions that you can perform on the device appears.

    Note For dual CPE devices, the Remote Console option is disabled for a parent cluster device. Only member devices can select this option to access the device CLI.

  4. Select the Remote Console option to access the device CLI.

    The Remote Terminal browser window appears, displaying the CONNECTING TO DEVICE. PLEASE WAIT FOR PROMPT message.

    Note You can automatically log in to the device through the Remote Terminal browser window, without entering a username and password. If you access the device CLI through the remote terminal, root user log in is disabled.

  5. Enter the show operational command to view information about current system configuration, log files, routing tables, and so on.

    The output for the show command that you entered, appears on the same browser window.

  6. Close the Remote Terminal browser window to disconnect from the device.

    The Devices page appears.

    Note The session times out if the session remains idle for more than two minutes (default) and you are automatically logged out of the device. The Remote console connection was closed. Please close this window and open the remote console again message appears on the browser window.