Add Firewall Filters

Use the Add Firewall Filter page to add a new ingress or egress firewall filter.


To add a firewall filter:

  1. Select Configuration > SD-LAN > Firewall Filters.

    The EX Firewall Filters page appears.

  2. Click the add icon (+) to add a new firewall filter.

    The Add Firewall Filter page appears.

  3. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 227.

    Note Fields marked with * are mandatory.

  4. Click OK.

    The firewall filter is created. You are returned to the EX Firewall Filters page where a confirmation message is displayed.

Table 227: Fields on the Add Firewall Filter Page





Enter a unique name for the firewall filter. The name can contain only alphanumeric characters and hyphen (-); the maximum length allowed is 15 characters.


Enter a description for the firewall filter.


After creating a firewall filter, you must add terms to the firewall filter. See Add Terms to Firewall Filters.