About the Sites Page

To access this page, click Resources > Site Management > Sites.

Use the Sites page to view or manually import provider hub sites, view device activation logs, view the history of the addition and deletion of provider hubs, and view detailed information about each provider hub in the network.

The provider hub devices that are owned by an OpCo administrator are shared with the tenants within that OpCo.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 53 describes the fields on the Sites page.

Table 53: Fields on the Sites Page




Alert Icon

Alert associated with the site. The alert can be critical (indicated by a red icon), major (indicated by an orange icon), or minor (indicated by a yellow icon).

Note: The alert icon is displayed only if there is an alert associated with the site. If there is no alert, no icon is displayed.

Site Name

Name of the provider hub site.

Click the name of the provider hub site to go to the Site-Name page where you can view the site details and configure parameters related to the site.


Location of the provider hub site.

Operational Status

Operational status (Up or Down) of the site.


Displays the number of devices. By default, the value is always 1.


Displays the site type (provider hub).

Site Status

The current status of the site:

  • Created—Indicates that the site is added but not configured.

  • Configured—Indicates that the site is configured but not activated.

  • Provisioned—Indicates that the site is provisioned (activated).

  • Upgrade-Required—Indicates that the site needs to be upgraded.

  • Maintenance—Indicates that the site upgrade is in progress; any deployments that might occur because of other jobs are skipped when the site status is Maintenance.


Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) version in which the provider hub site was added.