About the EMS Page

To access this page, click Resources > POPs > POP Name > EMS.

You can use the EMS page to create an element management system and to view information about an EMS configured in your POP. You need to configure your Junos Space Virtual Appliance with the Administration Portal so that the virtual appliance can communicate with other components in your deployment.

Note This topic is applicable only to users with an SP Administrator role.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 44 shows the fields on the EMS page.

Table 44: Fields on the EMS Page





View the name of the EMS application.

Example: Junos Space

IP Address

View the IP address of the Junos Space Web user interface (UI). For a redundant Contrail Service Orchestration, configure the IP address of the Web UI for the primary Junos Space Virtual Appliance.



View the vendor name for the EMS.

Example: Juniper Networks