Deploy or Redeploy a Port Profile

A port profile defines the authentication settings for the port and other port parameters such as flow control, link mode, storm control, MAC limit, and so on. The behavior of the port is defined by the values for parameters defined in the port profile. You can deploy a port profile on one or more ports at the same time.

You must redeploy a port profile when:

When a port profile or a profile associated with the port profile is modified, the deployment status of the port is changed to Pending Deployment.

The changes made to the port profile or the associated authentication profile or firewall filter are applied on the ports only when you redeploy the modified port profile.


To deploy or redeploy a port profile on one or more switch ports:

  1. Select the port and click More > Deploy.

    The Deploy page appears.

  2. For the Type field, do one of the following:
  3. Click OK.

    If you select the Run now option, a job is created to deploy the profile immediately; otherwise, the job to deploy is created on the date and at the time that you scheduled.

    When you deploy a port profile, the deployment status of the ports is set to Pending Deployment indicating that the profile is associated with the port. When the profile is in the process of being committed on the ports, the deployment status changes to In progress. If the deployment job completes successfully, the deployment status of the ports is set to Success and if the job fails, the deployment status is set to Failed.