Workflow for Onboarding a Device Using ZTP

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) enables you to configure and provision devices automatically, minimizing the manual intervention required for adding devices to a network.


This topic provides a sequential list of tasks that you need to perform for successfully onboarding a device to the network by using ZTP:

  1. From Customer Portal, add an on-premise spoke site or an enterprise site, and associate a device.

    For more information on adding an on-premise spoke site with the following capabilities:

    For more information on adding an enterprise hub, see Adding Enterprise Hubs with SD-WAN Capability or SD-WAN and LAN Capabilities.

  2. Activate the device:

    The Phone-Home client or the Redirect Server authenticates the device and establishes a communication between the device and CSO.

    After the device activation is complete, CSO applies the stage-1 configuration. The status of the device is changed from Expected to Active, which indicates the device is authenticated but not yet operational.

  3. After authenticating the device, CSO automatically triggers a job to push the provisioning and stage-2 (optional) configurations.

    You can use the Activation Logs page (Resources > Tenant Devices > More >Activation Logs) to view bootstrap logs (stage-1 configuration and device activation) and ZTP logs (provisioning and stage-2 configurations) and their status.

    After the job is completed successfully:

The newly-added device is provisioned and is onboarded to the network. You can apply SD-WAN and security policies, if applicable.