About the IPS Profiles Page

To access this page, select Configure > IPS > IPS Profiles.

Use intrusion prevention system (IPS) IPS Profiles page to manage IPS profiles. IPS profiles can be associated with IPS or exempt rules and deployed on a device by associating a profile with a firewall intent and deploying the firewall policy on the device.

Tasks You Can Perform

Field Descriptions

Table 204 describes the field on the IPS Profiles page.

Table 204: Fields on the IPS Profiles Page





Name of the IPS profile.

Click the IPS-Profile-Name to manage the IPS rules associated with the IPS profile. The IPS-Profile-Name / Rules page appears. See About the <IPS-Profile-Name> / Rules Page.

Definition Type

Indicates whether the IPS profile was system-generated (PREDEFINED) or created by a user (CUSTOM).


Description of the IPS profile.