Multidepartment CPE Device Support

Multitenancy enables a single NFX Series device to be mapped to serve across multiple departments within a single tenant. Each department has its own Layer 3 VPN and all Layer 3 VPNs are carried over to the hub using a shared overlay. The traffic is segregated to each department. A single overlay of IPsec or generic routing encapsulation (GRE) tunnels is used to carry all department traffic from the site through MPLS-based traffic separation.

Multitenancy is a cost-effective approach where the cost of a device and its maintenance is shared among multiple departments across a tenant. With multitenant device support, a dedicated share of the device is allocated to each department, and the data is kept private from the other tenants that access the same device.

NoteĀ Only users with the Tenant Administrator role have access to the Customer Portal GUI.

The tenant administrator can perform the following tasks:

The OpCo administrator can see all departments within the CPE device and activate the device.