About the Generated Alerts Page

To access this page, click Monitor > Alerts & Alarms > Alerts.

Use this page to view the system event-based alerts in response to a configured alert definition. The generated alerts help you to identify problems that appear in your monitored network environment and displays both security and SD-WAN alerts. You can view statistics such as the number of critical and non-critical alerts.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 150 provides information about the fields on the Generated Alerts page.

Table 150: Fields on the Generated Alerts Page





View the severity of the alert.


View the date and time when the alert was generated.


View the name of the tenant site.


View the source of the alert. The source identifies whether an alert is a security alert or an SD-WAN alert.


View the description of the alert.

Alert Type

View the type of alert.


View the alert ID. Alert ID is an unique identification for each alert. For example, b4a3c027-7157-4861-8e3c-c872721cff2d.

Service Instance

View the service instance associated with the alert.

Object Type

View the object type.

Alert Name

View the name of the alert.


View the name of the tenant.